Although we are no longer an unschooling focused event, these testimonials detail the same atmosphere you can expect from future programs. Words of love about our previous events:

Michelle Godfrey
I want to thank you for all your efforts put into this conference. It was my first unschooling conference and from the opening greeting session, I felt the acceptance of all people in the air, truly. That feeling was so inspiring and carried through to the other presentations I attended. I was in town for a family wedding so I got just a glimpse of the conference. What I did take in, was really, really, cool. I came home changed, inspired and infused and now am putting that energy into the relationships with my children and husband. It continues to be work, yet the energy collected from actually hearing and seeing other unschoolers and their children in person is invaluable…way different from reading books and blogs.

I know what it takes to put an event on and I so appreciate all you contributed. It really did have good vibrations!

Michelle Godfrey California
Jess Meyering Sage
Wanted to say I made it back to Japan last night and I was so exhausted...however I had a wonderful time! My mom, Liz Meyering, had an amazing time getting to know so many of you and gained a new understanding of the unschooling/gentle parenting philosophy! (she used to secretly think we were nuts :-) She's doing much better BTW.) We both made so many new friends, thanks so much to all of you for all your hard work! Thanks Flo! You guys ROCK!
Jess Meyering Sage Tokyo, Japan
Christine Yablonski
Thank you, Flo, for such a great conference! It was wonderful to be able to reconnect with people I haven't seen in years and to meet so many new people. 
Christine Yablonski Asheville, NC
Valerie Thorp Virgin
We had such an amazing time at this, our first ever, unschooling conference. We are grateful for all the open-minded, supportive folks at the conf. You are all reminders and confirmation that trusting our kids and following their leads is the best life we can live. We are also grateful for Flo, the conf volunteers, speakers and hotel for providing a seamless, thoroughly enjoyable, jam-packed experience.
Valerie Thorp Virgin Asheville, NC
A Happy Family
My husband and son loved the surfing lesson :) ... thanks for wrangling that whole experience, with all the changes due to blackout. It was a beautiful day, beautiful beach, and fantastic experience for them. Color us grateful!!

Btw, 12yo said this was the highlight of the whole conference for him! 

A Happy Family Ventura County
Victoria Day
This was the best conference ever! Thank you to Flo and all the volunteers and the the facilitators and speakers!

We loved meeting so many new friends, some new to the path and so many seasoned unschoolers who happily shared their experiences. We took home exactly what we needed from this conference. (So much to gnaw on and digest!) I am excited to see where we'll be this time next year on our journey.

Victoria Day Los Angeles, CA
Faith, age 8
I wish we were there EVERY day.
Faith, age 8 Philadelphia, PA